Push-Down Bags 

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A clever idea for the quick fixing of components during soldering -
An economical alternative as a soldering aid for small and large series
Less waste with less effort!


Small bags filled with quartz sand are used as a push-down device for all kinds of components during wave soldering.

If there is the problem of components being pushed out by the soldering wave it can easily be solved by using these small bags. 

They are made of soft high-quality leather and adapt to the component shapes and hold them down safely and gently without affecting the heat distribution of the soldering process.

 Push-Down Bags ©: technical specification

Material: finest leather, filling: fine quartz sand
Standard sizes: 60x50mm, 90x50mm, 120x60mm - special sizes on request -
many designs possible!             Some examples

2 sample sets of 12 pieces are available for testing:
Sample set A = 12 x 120x60mm
Sample set B = 4x 60x50mm, 4x 90x50mm, 4x 120x60mm

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