Push-Down Bags 

About us

 Established in 1997
We are a family-owned business dedicated to providing not only a lot of ideas and good advice, but also and above all our high-quality products. We provide you with ideas, advice and, of course, the products.
Since we believe that soldering is an art and art means "to be able to create" we are working every day to enhance our expertise ensuring that we consistently surpass our competitors.

Fernando Campero (Dipl.-Ing.)
Our customers can rely on my experience of many years in the field of semiconductor technology and trust in my proficiency in soldering under vacuum and without flux by always improving the overall quality of soldering components on printed circuit boards. Additionally, we explore new solder alloys without lead (Pb) even extending to soldering under a nitrogen (N) atmosphere.

Moreover, we guarantee the optimization of the soldering process for wave soldering through collaboration with reputable manufacturers of soldering systems. Lastly, we aim for rationalization and cost reduction by substituting expensive mechanical push-down devices with the introduction of leather push-down bags.